Order takeout without
saying a word.

We have taken all of the pains out of ordering takeout in Bermuda.
Crafted for Bermuda by a Bermudian.

What is orderin.bm?

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What can you do and what can't you do. Don't worry we are here to help keep things simple.

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How do I order?

Open up the app. You’ll see a list of restaurants that are around you. Click the one you’re into, do the same for anything you’re feeling on its menu and hit “Proceed to Checkout.”

Do that whole “ordering something on the Internet” checkout thing and we’ll notify the restaurant to begin prepping your food.


So what is orderin.bm anyways?

We take the hassle out of ordering takeout. We have all been there, you're hungry and the only thing you can get is a busy tone.

Well say goodbye to those days. With orderin.bm you can place a takeout order directly from your phone without ever having to talk.

How is orderin.bm eco-friendly?

We offer the option to decline things like napkins, plastic-ware and other unnecessary items during checkout.

Hey, it’s a start.

How do I change an order after I’ve placed it?

You're going to want to contact the restaurant that you have ordered from directly. We provide the phone number to the restaurant in app and also in your email receipt.

Does orderin.bm charge extra?

NOPE we do not change you a penny! Thats right, we have 0 hidden fees.
So go head and treat yourself with your favorite takeout.

Can I pay for my order with orderin.bm?

We are currently working with a number of restaurants to make this a possibility.

Help test the latest features by joining our Beta Program and be the first to use all the new features.

orderin.bm is awesome !
It’s FREE to Download for Everyone